JCS in permanent growth

01 Jul 2016

Due to the international market competitivity and the intensification of our own quality standards, we have come across the need for a better production process.

As such, in order to continuing to answer to our customers expetations and take a stand on the international markt, we decided to invest in more and better technology, in the best machinary and in our associates training and abilities.

Consequently, we felt the urge to improve and extend our facilities, giving them a better working area, hoping to increase the spirit of cooperation, development and growth.


JCS - Olaria de Louças Regionais e Decorativas, Lda. is devoted to the production and sale of red clay decorated articles, especially for floriculture. With the primary goal of satisfying our customers' needs, we focus on meeting delivery deadlines, rigor, high-quality of production and competitive prices.



Estrada Nacional nº 8 - 43
       Moitalina - Pedreiras
       2480-104 - Porto de Mós


  (+351) 244 470 739

  (+351) 912 787 002